Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sasha & Brian

This April was one of the rainiest months that I can remember, ever. It seemed the skies were just not willing to stop letting loose. But on this day, Mother Nature was in a cooperative mood. Scattered showers were in the forecast (typical). And the morning saw a downpour that must have dropped an inch or more. As I was shooting away at the salon with Sasha and her bridesmaids, I had a feeling the afternoon's weather would break. Sure enough, it did. As soon as we left the hotel, the rain stopped and the sun came out... briefly, but it was definitely there. Enough so that it helped dry out the patio at the Atrium where we'd be shooting portraits before the ceremony there. There was a light rain during the ceremony inside, but again, as soon as we needed to be outside to take advantage of their beautiful landscaped gardens, the clouds dissipated and we got some really great shots in.

Sasha and Brian were great. Brian was the ultimate prankster. Right before the ceremony, he switched the solid gold wedding band Sasha had brought with the elaborate diamond ring that matched her engagement ring, completely taking her by surprise. Such a great moment to capture her reaction!